A Note on Objective Reality.

hd fractal wallpaper-dRTKSo what is Objective Reality? First of all, the reality, we accept as existing out there, is pure fabrication of our mind although our models of it (science) seem to work in narrow circumstances. This is not controversial statement but conclusion based on widely accepted evidences. However, where we are going, there are no accepted evidences. We are crossing here into sphere of pure philosophical speculations. Enjoy the ride.

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A Note On Search For Objective Reality.

conscious_universe318_01-300x225What our indispensable life narratives tell us for sure is, that our perception of the reality of the world is very individual and specific to training and abilities and past experiences. We may hear sounds but not perceive it as music but merely noise, we may pass a rock formation where others see sculpture, we may smell delicious food while others only odor, we may perceive danger upon touch, while others only refinements of luxury alligator skin purse, we may perceive convex, others concave space, looking at flat wall.

So why, we appear to react to seemingly the same sensations with sometimes completely opposite perceptions of what is actually happening in world that surrounds us? Is it because of our individually categorized, limited cultural precepts or authority driven, religious, ideological, scientific or other perception framings of our sensations?

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A Note on Transcendental Mind. What do we really know before we learn anything?

philosophy and metaphysics In previous post (It’s About Time) I put forward conjecture that time and space may be merely a faculty of our mind dedicated to inception of comprehensible narratives about sense perceived abstract class entity(es) called “matter” or more widely, material reality(es). But before we could proceed into our metaphysics of reality, risking of loosing my  reader, I suggest that we pause a little to inquire more sincerely upon our transcendental mind, which underlies the above question.

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It’s About Time.

the-fabric-of-the-cosmos-the-illusion-of-timeIt’s hard to find anyone who would have fundamental problem accepting common meaning of time. We need it. We need our future and our past. What is interesting is that no one is asking why we so easy accept it and use it as a fundamental element of our perception and what we would call “understanding” of world around us, which we describe as our “reality”.

What if, time is so fundamental to our lives, that we had to invent it.

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