Blog Policies

Media Content Policy:

 The editorial post may contain mainly rich text, sometimes images, or on some rare occasions embedded videos. The posts will use hyperlinks only sparingly and fact of linking should never be construed as an endorsement of the author of linked web page but rather reference to some specific content of linked page alone.

We always welcome promotion of subject or ideas described in our blog. Direct quoting of editorial posts will be allowed providing it is credited to our blog.

Donations and AD Policies:

There will be no donation mechanism for our blog. If we run out of our own money or motivation to run this blog or are compelled otherwise to compromise editorial integrity we will shut the site down promptly. So please copy posts you find useful or interesting to your system since they may disappear any time. Only sold adds may be displayed but completely unrelated to the blog and most importantly always un-endorsed by our blog.

Privacy and Security Policies.

We do not want to know anything about our readers and we will not store any info related to blog access but  though, will surely keep IP record but there is nothing that we can do about it. Due to lack of true privacy over internet by nature of its design way back in sixties by ARPA, while we would appreciate some feedback, we do not encourage privacy conscious readers to leave comments although we will allowed them. Since we will be addressing also critical and controversial topics from very unique perspectives, we expect possible troll disruptions but that’s OK. We will deal with them accordingly, but never compromise free speech about free ideas.

Editorial Control.

This is young adult/adult language un-moderated site however, in rare cases, if we feel that language of some comments are indecent in our subjective mind or attacking basic dignity another human being we will conspicuously edit or remove offending language and links without notice leaving marked empty comment space. As a matter of principle we do not condemn nor condone content of any comments on this blog.


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