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We all like to hear stories. Stories that make us laugh or cry, stories that teach or amaze us. Stories that compel us to act or to restrain, Stories that make us believe or doubt.

My experience observing human beings for many decades tells me that through such stories vast majority of people attempt to grasp what they would call reality of their lives. They feel most comfortable emotionally and most satisfying intellectually when they are convinced, reassured or simply believe that they grapple the reason, the cause of what they are experiencing or feeling. Most compelling stories we hold dear are our own life stories. Stories give us meaning and identity. Every human being at some stage in their lives is consciously aware of their existence. In people minds there is no doubt that there is cause or reason for their physical existence supported by believe, rational thought and “physical evidences” or by confirmation ceremonies/stories told by other human beings. I was intrigued by following question: what is the core, unifying common element of these stories which are so central to “understanding” of ourselves and world that surrounds us. My personal path to “enlightenment” went through writings of Immanuel Kant, German XVIII century philosopher. He emphasized centrality of time and space conception spawning into existence both cause and reason which guides our individual life stories as well as story of world civilizations. But it was just first step into transcendental mind.

This “Metaphysics of Reality: In Search for Noumenon”. blog is  attempt to challenge common conception of time and space so entrenched in our psyche and as a consequence fundamentally challenge story based narrative as helpful way to access what could be called “objective reality”, land of noumenons, reality free of perceptional distortions.

Our modest goal is to touch upon some aspects of social, cultural, political, military, economical, spiritual, religious and philosophical as well as scientific/technical human endeavors beyond common or well established narratives circulating within societies.


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